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Jan 28, 2013


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Every pet shows 3 perks (first is open by default but 2nd and 3rd are locked)
Can you explain technically in game what following means:

1. What is perk progress and how it works ?

2. Different pets have different perks listed, can you help understand what following means ?
(confused between + and % for every different pet)
a. +1 coin props drops
c. +2 xp props drops
d. +3 gem props drops

f. +3 xp drops
d. +3 gem drops
b. +2 speed
f. +1 power
g. +5 speed

e. +3% xp chance
f. +3% gem chance
d. +8% collectible chance

How do this different perks work combined ?
Also how exactly does pet total distance is measured/calculated. ?

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