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You Had Questions, We Have Answers

Back in December we asked for your questions about playing on Zynga.com, and you, our dear players, did not disappoint! Here are the six most frequently asked questions and our answers, fresh for 2013:

Q1: How do I add a Zynga icon to the left-hand rail of my Facebook homepage, like I’ve done with my favorite Zynga games?
Zynga.com is not an app or Facebook feature, so it is unfortunately not pin-able on Facebook's left-hand menu bar. The good news, however, is that playing on Zynga.com is as easy as typing Zynga.com into your Internet browser's address bar. But, if you prefer to keep your typing to a minimum (and who doesn't?), you should consider adding Zynga.com to your Internet browser's bookmarks/favorites for super-quick access.

Drag me to Bookmarks - Zynga.com

Q2: I need more help in my games. What is the difference between a game neighbor and a zFriend, how do I invite zFriends to become game neighbors, and is there an upper limit on the number of each we can have?
zFriends (of which you can currently have 5,000) are not the same thing as game neighbors (of which the average maximum is 300, though it differs by game). Game neighbors are friends (Facebook friends OR zFriends) who accept your invitation to join you in your game, which usually – though it depends on the game – results in their being listed in the “neighbor bar” on your gameboard and you in theirs. You are then able to visit your game neighbor’s city, farm, kingdom, etc. and perform helpful actions there for which you may be rewarded with useful items. A zFriend, on the other hand, is simply a Zynga.com player that you have befriended. When playing on Zynga.com, you can invite any zFriend to become a game neighbor by following these instructions, but zFriends are helpful even if you don’t neighbor them. Here are the ways that having non-neighbor zFriends (especially lots of them) can enhance your gameplay on Zynga.com:

  1. It increases the number of player-to-player requests you are likely to have fulfilled and/or the speed at which they will be satisfied.
    • When you go to send requests/gifts to specific friends, you select your recipients from a list known as the MFS (Multiple Friend Selector). When playing on Facebook, only your Facebook friends are listed in the MFS, but, when you play on Zynga.com, your zFriends also appear in the MFS, increasing the number of players to whom you can send requests. If you send requests to more players, you increase your chances of having all of your player-to-player requests satisfied!
  2. It increases the number of gifts you are likely to be sent by other players.
    • Having many zFriends means you will appear in more players’ MFSes, and you should end up receiving more gifts as a result!
  3. It increases the number of wall feed help requests you are likely to have fulfilled and/or the speed at which they will be satisfied.
    • When you publish wall feed help requests, those posts appear in up to 4 places (based on your settings) where other players can click on them to send you the help you need. One of those places is only visible to zFriends: The “My zFriends” Game Activity Stream that appears in the Right Rail of some games on Zynga.com. For the curious among you, the other 3 places that wall feed help requests get posted while you are playing on Zynga.com are:
      1. The “Recent Activity” section of your Zynga.com profile page.
      2. The “Everybody” Game Activity Stream that appears in the Right Rail of some games on Zynga.com.
      3. Your Facebook Timeline and your friends’ Facebook news feeds. (Exactly who can see your help posts on Facebook, however, depends on the audience you’ve selected to be able see “Posts on your behalf” published by each game app. Hint: You can select a different audience for each game, which you set at the time you first install the app and can later change via Facebook’s app settings page.)
  4. It increases your opportunity collect items from others’ wall feed help requests.
    • Having many zFriends means you will see more wall feed help requests in the “My zFriends” Game Activity Stream, increasing your opportunity collect reward items!
  5. You can trade tips and tricks with your zFriends in the chat module in the Zynga.com Right Rail.
  6. It allows you to receive an extra energy point each day.
    • zFriends can send each other 1 game energy point daily via the chat module in the Zynga.com Right Rail. (Note: That is 1 point total, not 1 in each game. Also, not all games are eligible.)

Q3: There are some Zynga games that are still not available to play on Zynga.com. When will they be coming to the site?
We'd like nothing more than to host every game we’ve ever made on Zynga.com, but sometimes there are advanced technical issues that make it hard for us to add specific games to the site. While the only thing we can say about what’s coming is that we are very excited, we can caution you to not expect the following titles to become playable on Zynga.com in 2013:

  • Café World
  • Empires & Allies
  • Mafia Wars
  • The Pioneer Trail (formerly FrontierVille)
  • YoVille
  • Discontinued Games:
    • Indiana Jones Adventure World
    • FishVille
    • Mafia Wars 2
    • PetVille
    • Treasure Isle
    • Vampire Wars

Q4: Why doesn’t every game on Zynga.com have Game Activity Streams?
When we add a game to Zynga.com, we carefully consider how to best use the Right Rail. Sometimes we decide that the chat feature is fun enough, sometimes we decide that the Game Activity Streams will enhance your gaming experience, and sometimes we find something even more exciting, like the Multiplayer feature for Bubble Safari. The decision is always in the context of creating the most enjoyable balance of challenge & reward when playing your game on Zynga.com.

Q5: Will I be able to block games on Zynga.com the way I can block games on Facebook?
We understand why being unable to block games on Zynga.com is frustrating to both request senders and request receivers. We are looking into methods by which you may opt out of receiving requests from games you select, but this is actually a greater technical challenge than it would seem, so we cannot be sure exactly when we will be able to add this functionality to the site. Stay tuned to this Zynga.com forum post for the latest news on this issue.

Q6: Will I ever be able to play on Zynga.com without a Facebook account?
We're working on it! We hope to be able to allow anyone to play, regardless of their membership to any other social network, sometime in the first half of 2013. Welcome to the future!

Whew, those were some tough questions! We hope this quelled some of your thirst for knowledge! Until next time, we'll see you on Zynga.com!

The Zynga.com Crew

Posted on January 07, 2013