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Earn precious rewards by collecting Artifacts

Indiana Jones was well versed in the art of collecting valuable Artifacts, so what would be more perfect then introducing an Artifact Tent that enables to you to collect and harvest Artifacts for permanent rewards!  We would like to introduce to you Prof. Allen’s Artifact Tent. Place the fully constructed tent on your Base Camp and begin collecting these Artifacts right away!


Similar to the Zoology Animals, Artifacts are only found on certain maps. You will need to look out for the Artifact icons in order to locate the specific maps that contain these Artifacts. 


Upon Map completion, you will be rewarded with an Artifact that you can recover, take back to your Base Camp, and place. There are 2 specific Artifacts that you are initially tasked with finding, and there may be more in the near future. Each of these Artifacts, once collected and placed on your Base Camp, will provide you with a precious reward each day you harvest it.

  • Idol of Energy (map name) – 4 Energy per day
  • Idol of Wealth (map name) – 2 Adventure Cash per day


You also have the ability to harvest your Artifact Tent in order to receive Coins, XP and chances to receive parts for buildings on your Base Camp that you have yet to complete.

We hope that you enjoy this feature and take advantage of the Energy and Adventure Cash you can receive every day. 

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We have too many things to finish now to get what we need to complete maps. Also you should tell us if we need to finish things like obelisk to be able to finish a map. I have lost days of playing a map because I hadn't finish something first

Maps r getting way too tricky too negotiate n demand rediculous energy. Games are supposed to be fun, but of late it sure is putting players off.

Instead of bringing up NEW COLLECTIBLES....YOU SHOULD FINALLY GIVE US MORE E N E R G Y to collect and not ENERGY DRAINING STUPID NEW MISSIONS or REPEATING OLD MISSIONS....there is NO FUN ANYMORE...and your loading problem became STANDARD...what a shame for a wonderful game....Regards from Cyprus

Things are coming out way too fast. I'm at level 42 so I don't even have "level" maps to play and I still can't keep up with everything. Maps take forever to play as they require so much energy and things to beg for to complete.

Of course I haven't tried this feature yet, but it sounds promising. No begging for parts to build it is a very good start. Also, I'm eager to play maps that have real rewards. Other maps can wait. I'm cautiously optimistic that this time Zynga may have gotten things exactly right.

I genuinely cannot believe that people are still complaining about stuff to finish and requesting items, especially on a blog post that DOES NOT REQUIRE BUILDING ANYTHING OR REQUESTING ANYTHING and people complain about wanting more energy WHICH SOME OF THESE ARTEFACTS PROVIDE.

My god people complain a lot. If you don't like it, don't play. Simple. There are infinitely more people who love this game than you few who don't, so shut up cos none of us care what you have to say.

Great new feature, by the way!

It will not let me collect the energy idol. It is off the side of the steps on the center of the map. When I click on it it cant get there????

i believe, someone heard us, who complained about begging for stuff and low energy! so why not enjoy this feature and yes, play the maps, and hope for more nice things to come! and of course, get the freezing/ crewmates dissapering solved ;) !

where can i get this tent...i dont have it in my building...

i began to think about quitting,,, tnx
what about ather problem... of game doesnt load////:(

I agree i never have enough energy and we have to post and ask for so many items its hard getting done!!

My game isn't loading either. grrrrr! I just want to play and the game hasn't loaded for four or five days. Frustrating!

My game isn't loading either. I just want to play and the game hasn't loaded for four or five days. Frustrating!

I have the tent but it won't load.

Energy, Energy, Energy, You need so much energy to get through the maps. Gaining experience took so long to get new maps that most people have give up. Now we have so many maps to fight through, the maps asking for parts to finish them, I am finishing maps but loosing the final goal because I have lost most of my friends and cannot get the post items am posting twice a day and maybe get 1 or 2, 6 days to complete a map and you need 15/20 parts. Playing the same map over and over to achieve the final goal is boring is it any wonder that a lot of friends have given up.


my game doesn't load for 4 weeks now
pleaseeeeeeeeee fix it!!!!!!!!!

This is really interesting

i like this games but not easy to loading.. can you help me please.... thanks

I think it's quite funny how people keep saying that "almost everyone is quitting". Clearly that is not the case haha, or else it wouldn't be in development any more cos no one plays it.

Hy, im stucked in game " easter island dig...i cant move because im blocked , anyway, can you help me ?
Gina Verbanac

Does any one have a problem, you have all these people playing and cannot get any help, but it looks like every one is moving forward but u why can't they have the games where we find everything we need to succeed and not depend on other players to help I have some many that is not finish, because i have to wait on someone to decide if they are going to help or not. So disappointed and thinking about not playing any more


cool game bit long winded though

zu meinem bedauern haben sie heute einen betrag von 14.95Ero von meinem konto eingezogen herr günter brück ist der konto-inhaber ist ja soweit auch alles ok nur was nicht ok ist ist das ich den cach leider nicht nutzen kann ich bekomme keine energie trotz zahlung das ist zu meinem bedauern schon das 2te mal das so etwas passiert das ich in den verdacht komme abgezockt zu werden ich möchte sie bitten dieses in ordnung zu bringen und zwar umgehend
marianne schumann

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